Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers 'HNFRC'
a brief history of our collaborative partnership

1991 - 1996
First Healthy Starts are established in Humboldt County


First meeting of Healthy Start Coordinators
Purpose of meetings were to provide mutual support

1997 - 2002

More Healthy Starts arrive in Humboldt via grant funding
Family Resource Centers 'FRC' and Community Resource Centers 'CRC' enter the informal collaborative circle


Healthy Start Schools and Community Partnership 'HSSCP' formally assembles with bylaws and membership
County of Humboldt Department of Health and Human Services 'DHHS' assigns liaisons to FRC and CRC sites


First HSSCP cooperative grant written as an all-member coalition (written to the Stuart Foundation)
County of Humboldt DHHS includes HSSCP in its grant applications and establishes formal partnership with HSSCP members


Dedicated coordinator/consultant hired to administrate HSSCP's collaborative
HSSCP is awarded grants as a joint-coalition from Humboldt Area Foundation and Smullin Foundation


Grant awarded to HSSCP from Mel and Grace McClean Foundation
North Coast Clinics Network 'NCCN' agrees to serve as fiscal sponsor for HSSCP
County of Humboldt DHHS contracts with and funds all HSSCP sites to perform Differential Response
Redwood Coast Action Agency 'RCAA' partners with HSSCP to bring on 8 AmeriCorps A.F.A.C.T.R. case workers


HSSCP partners with Food For People to launch a Nutrition Education program with CNN grant funding
Joint project planning begins between HSSCP, First 5, and County of Humboldt
California Family Resource Association 'CFRA' is established and HSSCP joins as a member
City of Arcata sends a representative to HSSCP meetings as a non-member collaborator
Cross-trainings between HSSCP and County of Humboldt begin

2007 - 2009

HSSCP continues to act as a unified coalition in the pursuit of local, joint project funding
Dedicated coordinator/consultant hired to administrate HSSCP's collaborative
Joint Humboldt Area Foundation and Smullin Foundation grants received


HSSCP engages in capacity building projects with the support of Strategies and Mclean Foundation
Safety Net funds received for client basic needs

2011 - 2012

HSSCP partners with Strategies and deploys Family Development Matrix outcomes tool
Capacity-building efforts at HSSCP continue with three focuses - Outcomes, Technology, and Reporting
DHHS contract and CAPIT grant both continue