Our Team at Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers (HNFRC)

Robin Baker - HNFRC Network Chair

Robin has represented the McKinleyville Family Resource Center in the Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers since June of 2015. At the McKinleyville Family Resource Center (whose parent organization is McKinleyville Community Collaborative) Robin serves as Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O.). In her role as Chief Operations Officer at the McKinleyville Family Resource Center, Robin oversees day-to-day operations of the site, supervises staff, and strives to understand and meet the unique needs of the community her center serves. 

Robin is a proud graduate of the Cascadia Center for Leadership and is certified as a trainer for Mental Health First Aid USA and The Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support. 

In June 2016, Robin was nominated by HNFRC's members to serve a 1-year term as Network Chair. As Network Chair, Robin is responsible for determining the agenda for, arranging and facilitating HNFRC's all-member meetings. Additionally as Chair, Robin serves as the community representative for HNFRC and manages HNFRC's external communications. 

Robin's goal for HNFRC:
"As Network Chair, I hope to continue HNFRC's efforts to foster a collaborative environment that support the strengthening of the relationships and information sharing both among our Network members and with our many community partners."

Taffy Stockton - HNFRC Network Coordinator

Taffy has been with the Network as their Coordinator since 2013. A 4th generation Humboldt County resident, Taffy has been working with Humboldt County non-profits since 2001. She has worked with dozens of Humboldt County non-profits, in her early days as a Fundraising Director and Executive Director, and for the last 9 years, a non-profit consultant.

Taffy's experience with HNFRC:
"I am so proud to be working with HNFRC. The work our 17 member sites do in supporting and strengthening families throughout the County truly changes lives. I am honored to be able to support that work through our joint projects, grants and trainings."