Our Mission:

Through collaboration, mutual support and respect, our family strengthening network improves child, family and community health and well-being.

COVID19-HNFRC Site Operations Survey - Latest Updates (Responses)

SCHOOL, FOOD, and PARENT INFO: Updates from Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) During COVID-19 Response

(link above to main website) Visit the HCOE website dedicated to school, food, and resource information for families with children in Humboldt County during the COVID-19 pandemic response. Direct Links to specific pages below:

(link above) Updates, Advisories, and Resource information provided by the State of California on their official COVID-19 information portal.

(link above) Nationwide updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on the COVID-19 pandemic response.

(link above to Facebook Page) See the latest local updates on the pandemic response issued by the Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services

Diverse team. Common goal.

Our network's membership consists of healthcare systems, educational institutions, a tribal entity and community-led nonprofits. We seek to collectively improve health and resiliency in each and all of our communities.

A hub for collaboration.

The Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers acts as a hub and a collaborative mind for local nonprofits to share best practices, build relationships, and form coalitions to address community concerns.

17 HNFRC Member Sites

5 Regions

Although every one of our Network Members works in unique ways, we come together to work on helping our greater community at large. We are a team built with teams - a unified heart and voice in our community.

Eel River Valley

Bridgeville CC

Rio Dell CRC

Fortuna FRC

Carlotta CC

Loleta CRC

Eureka Region

Marshall FRC (ECS)

South Bay FRC

Jefferson CC

Northern Region

McKinleyville FRC

Blue Lake CRC

Arcata FRC

Manila CRC

Eastern Region

Willow Creek CRC

Hupa FRC

Southern Region

Southern Humboldt FRC (Redway)

Mattole Valley Resource Center

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