HNFRC delivers our first Clothes4Kids Pilot Program in 3rd Quarter 2016

Post date: Feb 2, 2017 10:00:50 PM

Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program - Aggregate Data from Surveys & Orders

Funded by a grant from:

North Coast Grantmaking Partnership

Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program Managed by:

Westside Community Improvement Association (WCIA) in collaboration with Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers (HNFRC)

Total Program Funding: $15,000

WCIA Administrative Cost: $1,500

Program Budget for Clothing: $13,500

Number of Families Served: 115

Children Served: 221

Regional HNFRC Member Resource Centers Involved in Delivering Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program Outreach:

Arcata Family Resource Center, Blue Lake Community Resource Center, Bridgeville Community Center, Fortuna Family Resource Centers, Hupa Family Resource Center, Jefferson Family Resource Center, Loleta Community Resource Center, Manila Community Resource Center, Marshall Family Resource Center, Mattole Valley Resource Center, McKinleyville Family Resource Center, Rio Dell Community Resource Center, South Bay Pine Hill Healthy Start, Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center, Willow Creek Community Resource Center

CLICK HERE to See HNFRC's full Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program Report